TSM FTX Investing Heavily In Out-Of-Game Training

Esports organization TSM FTX has diligently built on its mental health initiative by launching a thorough wellness training program across all its teams after securing a deal with Adamas Esports. this aims to prioritize players’ welfare in the face of competitive gaming’s challenges.

The partnership will see Adamas develop team chemistry through out-of-game training sessions that heavily focus on mental well-being, communication, and team building. The ultimate goal is to create a family-like bond among all of TSM FTX’s members.

“Committing to sports-specific mental support with Adamas by our side is a great investment in our players,” said Dominic Kallas, Vice-President of Esports at TSM FTX. “We have some of the most gifted athletes within esports on TSM FTX, but if they’re not managing their mental and physical health, or getting enough sleep outside of the game, they will never realize their full potential. Knowing we have the team, approach, and resources in place to win will ensure we remain competitive for a long time.”

Adamas spends time with each player to build a custom program that supports their goals, focusing on athlete development, emotional regulation training, and mindfulness exercises that tie into each one’s in-game performance.

(All information was provided by Forbes)

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