Turkish Gaming Market Valued At $1.2B Last Year

According to the Turkey Gaming Industry 2021 report, the Turkish gaming market grew to $1.2 billion in 2021. This comes after the total number of gamers in the country grew from 36 million in 2020 to 41 million. Moreover, total investments in the country’s gaming industry came to $266 million.

Mobile gaming was a dominant force in the market bringing in $620 million in revenues. This is a $170 million increase from the prior year. 78% of the country’s adult population reports playing mobile video games. And, if people did play mobile games, there was a good chance they would be at it for a while. 46% of responders said they play more than 10 hours a week of mobile games on average.

Overall, Turkey has pretty lofty goals as it aims to become an international hub for gaming. Technology Development Zone General Manager Ahmet Serdar İbriahimcioğlu said in January that the country wants to increase its share of the global gaming market to $10 billion over the next five years.

(All information was provided by Hurriyet Daily News)

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