Software Startup AccelByte Raises $60M From SoftBank And Sony

Seattle-based startup AccelByte, which provides backend tools for “live service” video games, raised $60 million in a Series B round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. Sony Interactive Entertainment, Galaxy Interactive, and NetEase also invested.

“We started the company five years ago with the hope that we could provide a better backend technology platform so that game developers wouldn’t need to focus on building and scaling a backend themselves,” wrote Junaili Lie, Co-Founder and CEO of AccelByte. 

AccelByte gives developers a ready-made set of tools to manage the behind-the-scenes requirements of a multiplayer online game. The company provides necessary programs and scalable architecture to game developers that plan to operate “games-as-a-service” releases that make their money from in-app purchases or subscription fees rather than a single up-front purchase price.

(All information was provided by GeekWire)

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