IMDb Launches Interactive Gaming App On Amazon Fire TV

IMDb has launched “What to Watch” for Amazon Fire TV, an app which gives customized movie and TV recommendations across multiple streaming services. The app uses proprietary and authoritative IMDb data which provides a selection of games that can help users discover more things to watch, tailored to their interests.

The app features three interactive mini-games: Quick Draw, a card game that shuffles through movies and TV options, revealing a “winner” of sorts. Watch Challenge allows players to watch, rate, and collect digital stamps as they view titles till something catches their eye. And This or That asks the user a series of questions to help narrow down titles until something acceptable is chosen.

“Entertainment on Fire TV is all about discovering new shows and movies, connecting customers to content quickly, and being delighted by the experience,” said Charlotte Maines, Director of Fire TV. “With the launch of the IMDb What to Watch app, we’re delivering customers a fun and engaging way to discover what’s next on movie night.”

IMDb has said that it plans to launch new games on the app in the coming months as well. The What to Watch app is available download for free from the Fire TV App store. However, at the moment it is only available in the US.

(All information was provided by TechCrunch)

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