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Noblechairs Releases Boba Fett Gaming Chair For Star Wars Day

Noblechairs was another company that was happy to participate in May 4th. In celebration of Star Wars Day, the organization joined forces with Lucasfilm to launch the Noblechairs Hero Boba Fett Edition gaming chair.

The design on the front of the chair is based on armor worn by the Mandalorian with all the appropriate colors and decals embroidered into it. The back is black and features several logos as well as “an impressive rendition of Fett’s helmet.”

Unsurprisingly, the specifications of the chair are top-notch. It has adjustable 4D armrests, a reclining mechanism, a memory foam headrest, lumbar support, and a rocking mechanism.

At this time, the chair can only be pre-ordered. This product has a starting price of roughly $530.

The Profit‘s Take:

There’s nothing all that special about this besides the color palette and graphics. This is one chair I’m not buying because there’s not enough innovation here to get me excited. Regular gamer chairs just aren’t doing it for me anymore. Especially not when we live in a world with gamer showers and gamer beds.

(All information was provided by Tom’s Hardware)

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