YouTube Gaming Now Has Live Stream Raids

Influencers and content creators can now raid and host other streams on YouTube. The feature, called Cross Channel Redirects, is available to all content creators who have over 1,000 subscribers to redirect viewers to other streams.

The feature is very similar to how Twitch does raids and hosts, however, YouTube creators will need to allow other channels to redirect to theirs on an individual basis. This means that streamers will need to ask others to add them to a “live redirect list” to be able to host or raid them.

YouTube has been diligently adding many of the features that content creators and viewers have been requesting over the past few years, including gifted memberships and additional creator tools. The result has been positive for YouTube, which has been winning over users and poaching creators from Twitch in mass quantities.

(All information was provided by Dot Esports)

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