The Ten Most Valuable Esports Organizations Today

As the video game industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, we can now tell you the ten most valuable esports companies in the world. Forbes’ Brett Knight recently published an article listing the most valuable video game companies of 2022. According to his list, these ten organizations are worth a combined $3.5 billion, which represents a 46% increase in value over the last two years.

At $540 million, TSM takes first place on the list. This is the second time that the organization has claimed the title of the world’s most valuable esports company.

100 Thieves ended up coming in second place since it’s worth $460 million. After seeing the organization grow by 142% over the last two years, 100 Thieves is the company that has appreciated the most in value since the last time Forbes released a list like this.

With a value of $440 million, Team Liquid places third on the list followed by Faze Clan which is currently worth $400 million. In fifth place, we have Cloud9 at $380 million followed by G2 Esports coming in sixth place with a value of $340 million dollars.

Moving down the list we have Fnatic in seventh place, Gen.G in eighth place, and NRG Esports in ninth place. T1 Esports rounds out the top ten after achieving a $220 million valuation.

(All information was provided by Forbes)

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