Irony Esports Launches India’s First Livestream Sponsorship Marketplace

Irony Esports recently launched StreamO, India’s first-ever live stream sponsorship marketplace. Powered by Uplify, StreamO is a monetization tool that allows creators to earn from their content. It is specifically designed so that Indian streamers on YouTube or Twitch can more easily connect with brands to leverage their brand and monetize their content.

What separates SteamO from its competitors, is its unique ability to deliver rich brand messaging in creators’ live streams.

“India, despite being one of the largest producers of content creators, two out of three creators have never collaborated with a brand, according to the 2022 Linktree creator report,” said Tushaar Garg, Founder and CEO of Irony Esports and StreamO. “Lack of creator monetization remains the biggest impediment to the growth of a thriving creator economy and StreamO is solving this problem at scale. Not only is StreamO building a thriving creator economy that provides more monetization opportunities for creators of all sizes in India but is also creating a new avenue for brands to access the hard-to-reach Gen Z audience.”

StreamO has already picked up thousands of clients since its launch. Besides a hearty group of streamers, StreamO has already run campaigns for brands which include Amazon Prime, Dell Alienware, Intel, and many more.   

(All information was provided by AnimationXpress)

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