Brawl Stars Partners With Matcherino

Supercell’s Brawl Stars has formed a partnership with Seattle-based tournament platform Matcherino, a crowdfunding platform that helps organizers run successful third-party tournaments. Matcherino functions by raising money from fans and sponsors and uses those funds to pay players. The partnership aims to give players at the grassroots level the opportunity to compete in “open-for-all” tournaments across the globe.

This collaborative effort will see tournament organizers benefiting through Matcherino’s tools while managing tournament settings, prize pools, and the ability to sell in-game items.  

Supercell also plans to match the prize pools for some events up to $1,500.

In these grassroots tournaments, players will compete for cash prizes and more. Anyone interested in participating needs to sign up with their teammates. Players can also reserve spots or even join open teams via free agency.

Players can visit Matcherino’s official website to see all the upcoming events and scheduled competitions.

(All information was provided by GamingonPhone)

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