Overwatch Creators Aren’t Fans Of King’s “Creepy” Diversity Tool

Earlier this month, Activision-Blizzard introduced the world to its new software known as the Diversity Space Tool which aims to “create and monitor guidelines for character conception and creation” in order to identify how diverse character designs are. During a demonstration of this software, Activision-Blizzard subsidiary King unveiled radar graphs breaking down the attributes of Overwatch characters that cover categories like culture, race, age, body type, and sexual orientation.

While King had been working on this software program for six years, the Diversity Space Tool was released to widespread criticism online. In fact, some of the most important minds behind the Overwatch franchise basically came out against this program.

“God, I swear our own company tries so hard to slaughter any goodwill the actual devs who make the game have built Overwatch doesn’t even use this creepy dystopian chart, our writers have eyes,” said Overwatch character artist Melissa Kelly in a Twitter post. “The artists: have eyes. Producers, directors, etc, as far as I know also all have eyes.”

Kelly wasn’t the only one that had bad things to say about this Diversity Space Tool. Overwatch 2 Senior Game Designer Dylan Snyder also said game devs were “not using it and didn’t know it existed.”

(All information was provided by PC Gamer and Twitter)

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