United States Esports Federation Unveils New Partner

On May 27th, the United States Esports Federation unveiled a partnership with the multi-sport education streaming platform SportsEdTV. As a result, USEF will feature educational videos from its Healthy Body, Healthy Mind program on the SportsEdTV platform.

The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind program was recently launched by the USEF. This initiative aims to raise awareness about how physical activity and proper nutrition play a role in the performance of world-class esports athletes.

“SportsEdTV shares our passion for competition, and they can help us build further awareness for gamer health.” Said USEF President, David Geddes. “It is actually really important for young gamers to recognize that – to play better, you need to feel better.”

The United States Esports federation is the national governing body commissioned by the IESF (International Esports Federation). This non-profit organization aims to grow the American esports community while improving the quality and diversity of the U.S. gaming space.

(All information was provided by SportsEdTV and USEF)

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