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What PacSun’s Latest Metaverse Play Looks Like

The retail clothing company PacSun is once again making a metaverse play. This comes after the organization recently opened a three-story shop in the metaverse shopping festival ComplexLand 3.0 which took place from May 25th to the 27th.

During the event, attendees could enter the metaverse store and shop for exclusive products from PacSun and the PS Reserve Sale program. Other items offered came from PacSun partners like Cloud9 and Playboy.

Once a shopper purchases a virtual item, they are redirected to the PacSun website where they will be given a chance to purchase a real-life version of the same product. Certain merchandise will only be available within the metaverse before real-world versions of the items are made available at PacSun stores and on the PacSun website.

PacSun also participated in the ComplexLand 3.0 NFT Art Experience. During this event, PacSun debuted an exclusive PacSun Mall Rat non-fungible token, marking the first time one of the company’s NFTs will be displayed in a virtual gallery. Interested users had a chance to bid on this NFT. Once purchased, buyers will also receive a sneaker PS Reserve reward item.

“Being part of ComplexLand 3.0 is a big step for us in the metaverse, coming almost a year after we introduced our first offering of PacSun branded items on Roblox,” said Brie Olson, the president of PacSun, in a statement. “It is undeniable that metaverse as a whole has an incredible network effort. Not only do consumers find community in the space, but we, as a brand, get to connect with them in an authentic way and ultimately grow our Pac Community in the both digital and physical worlds as well.”

PacSun is a retail clothing company that was founded in California in 1980. As of this year, the organization has 325 stores operating in all 50 American states as well as Puerto Rico.

(All information was provided by Chain Store Age, Retail Dive, and Wikipedia)

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