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House Of Gaming Forms Partnership With Team Orangutan Elite And A_S Gaming

New-gen tech company House of Gaming and its three verticals, Indian Gaming League, Hefty Games, and GameGods, recently announced a partnership with A-S Gaming and Team Orangutan Elite to introduce a utility backed project and make available their NFTs exclusively with Hefty Games.

“With this association, we are expecting to further create awareness and leverage the popularity of this association to bridge the gap between the fans and the team via their NFT’s,” said Yash Pariani, Co-Founder and CEO of House of Gaming. “House of Gaming has the ecosystem to take esports to a whole new dimension for providing an interactive and inclusive gaming experience in the Hefty metaverse.”

House of Gaming also plans to release trading cards that will allow gamers to own collectibles from their favorite gamer. Polygon will assist in engaging said gamers and gaming enthusiasts, bringing them closer to big industry names.

Hefty Games plans to kickstart the gaming and NFT ecosystem with exclusive play-to-earn titles and several unique utilities.

(All information was provided by Advanced Television)

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