An Inside Look At The Intro To Gaming Workshop

The Intro to Gaming Workshop is underway and is being brought to you by Sega, ERG, RISE, and Safety Box. The UK-based workshop brings together at-risk teens from underserved communities to give them an in-depth look at the gaming industry.

“In an ever-changing digital world it’s so important at-risk young people especially black, Asian, and other minority girls are given as much diversion support to become successful,” said Nathaniel Peat, Founder of The Safety Box. “We are really excited to be launching this with SEGA Europe, as it will help us to further safeguard young people, inspire them and awaken their creative potential!”

The workshop will feature chats with various members of the Sega Europe team, a coding workshop with Coding Black Females, the largest network of black female developers in the United Kingdom, and much more.

(All information was provided by The Voice)

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