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NASCAR And Its Metaverse Aspirations

Count NASCAR as another organization looking to establish their presence in the metaverse. “It’s really important to start to establish a presence on this platform, immediately, not within the next three years,” said Nick Rend, Director of Gaming & Esports at NASCAR.

NASCAR has found successful activations in the metaverse, having introduced the Next Gen Car, apparel, and a new racetrack to Jailbreak on the Roblox platform. Now it’s looking to hedge its bets with the launch of 500 digital collectibles integrated with the NFT horse-racing game ZED Run.

But Rend and the team at NASCAR aren’t stopping there as they look internally to create more activity across multiple Web3 endeavors:

“The first thing for us was to hire people who were indigenous to these digital environments who understood them from the inside-out uh, who could make a case for our three objectives, which are revenue, reach and relevance — not in that order,” concluded Rend. “But we know that as fan behaviors evolve, those behaviors are going to be rooted in part in the real world and inspired in part by the virtual world. And we need to be relevant in both.”

(All information was provided by Sports Business Journal)

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