NBA Star And Gamer Kevin Durant Looking To Build A Call Of Duty Team?

NBA star Kevin Durant has never made his love of gaming and esports a secret. Already an investor in his hometown NYXL, Durant who loves to play NBA 2K and Call of Duty, says that he has even bigger aspirations: he wants to someday own his own Call of Duty league team.

In a recent interview with David Letterman, Durant spoke about his love for both playing games and watching esports tournaments, before Letterman brought up the inevitable question about him getting deeper into the business side of things:

“Oh, yeah. I would definitely wanna do events like that,” answered Durant. “Build a team. Build a brand in the e-gaming space.”  

Durant, a big Warzone fan, who often can be seen playing with content creators and other NBA players, could join an ownership group and place a bid for an expansion team, although there is no timetable as of yet for a possible expansion.

But Durant certainly has the money and star power to make for an exciting future owner when the time comes. He would have to look to another location than his home state of New York City though, since that’s where NYXL’s New York Subliners are currently headquartered.

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