You Can Earn Money From Playing Fortnite!

Tournament platform Drop-In Gaming has begun hosting online Fortnite events, which will give rising amateur gamers the opportunity to win cash prizes for their skills. Players will have the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars by placing highly in solos, duos, and team events. Drop-In also plans to host several free events for those looking to improve their skills and gain real tournament experience.

Drop-In features a wide variety of tournament options like Hot Drop Time, a solo kill race played over one hour with a $140 prize pool. There’s also Epic Gamer, another solo kill race, but with double the prize pool. These are just a couple of the many tournaments that the platform has to offer. Drop-In tournaments include both paid and free options on top of the small entry cost for joining the platform.

To sign up, players can visit Drop-In’s website to set up an account and payment option. For those looking to compete in team tournaments, players looking to compete on the same squad will need to sign up together.

(All information was provided by WIN.GG)

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