What’s Got Dr Disrespect So Upset?

Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is not one to shy away from issuing criticism when he feels it’s necessary. His beef du jour is with Warzone, as he’s claiming their new RICOCHET anti-cheat system is the “biggest PR scandal in video game history.”

The RICOCHET anti-cheat system was implemented to put a stop to the rampant cheating problems associated with Warzone, and while many have praised the system’s essentially disarming cheaters by making their bullets do no damage, the good doctor is not impressed.

“[I] can’t believe people are actually responding with RICOCHET saying it’s worked,” he said during a live-stream. “The probably hired like five guys…let’s wake the f**k up man.”

He’s convinced the anti-cheat was nothing more than a PR stunt to make players believe something more effective was being done to deter cheaters, arguing that RICOCHET was not the ultimate solution.

While he doesn’t provide much context behind those feelings, others have come to his defense, agreeing that RICOCHET does not do enough.  

As of now, neither Warzone’s publishers nor developers have taken the time to respond to his criticism, and it remains to be seen if they plan to do more to address cheating. But Dr Disrespect has his doubts about that as well.

(All information was provided by Charlie INTEL)

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