Destiny 2: Best Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting The Game

Destiny 2 lets you experience First-person Shooter gameplay with MMOG elements. It was brought to you by Bungie for Multiple Platforms. The science-fiction setting was chosen, where the multiplayer mode puts players in a shared world with elements found in RPGs. Similar to the first title, the game is fully loaded with fun-filled activities divided into two game types: Player versus Player and Player versus Environment. Additionally, the introduction to Story-based missions is appreciated by players, while PvE comes with three-player strikes and dungeons revolving around six-player raids.

Besides, the game has featured a Free Roam Patrol Mode for each area with public events and activities that didn’t exist in the original title. In this time, you assume the Guardian’s role, who has been hired to defend the last safe city of the Planet Earth while fighting against evil forces and their bosses to protect humanity. Many alien races are on the way to ending the world. However, you must defend the world that holds a power known as Light. If you are new to the game, we have compiled a list of 10 Best Things to help you become a pro player. Keep all given points in mind and work to become the master.

7 Things To Know If You Are New To Destiny 2

Without any doubt, the game offers engaging gameplay to experience; however, each year, it introduces a significant Expansion Pack to bring both players back to the game. So, here are some best tips you should keep in mind before starting to play.

1. Glimmer – How To Manage It

Before starting, knowing about the in-game currency is helpful, along with how to earn them. Similarly, Glimmer is the main currency of Destiny 2 that helps you make transactions and buy in-game items, equipment, and weapon. You can earn Glimmer by participating in several activities or pursuits.

In short, you need to spend the money as frequently as it is earned in Destiny 2. However, we suggest you keep a bit of it on hold so you can buy something that seems used for your Destiny 2 character, including resources, materials, bounties, and gears. Whenever you need anything in Destiny, visiting the Spider in the Tangled Store may help you get that in exchange for Glimmer.

2. Learn About Armor Mod Changes

When spending Glimmer, don’t forget to upgrade your armor and mods. However, they are easy to miss but upgrading them may dramatically change your gameplay. Upgrading armor using Legendary Shards using Glimmer, you can increase the energy of Guardians and equip new items and armor mods to the character.

Besides, we won’t suggest you upgrade everything you obtained during the gameplay. That means you should avoid maxing out energy of any single armor piece when starting the game. In case you can upgrade items, you find interested to their max level. Aside from Armor Mods, you can easily upgrade any armor to 7 to 8-level Energy. It is a good option because it requires run-of-the-mill resources and might unlock mod configuration settings.

3. User-Interface Chances

Did you know Destiny 2 has a dark User-interface theme? Using the UI Dark theme, you can make the login screens, gear inspection, inventory, and other options a grey color. Working on your inventory or other things becomes easier with the help of dark mode, as you aren’t forced to use the bright white screen. We’ve also seen a slight UI makeover regarding the Quest screen. Like the original Destiny’s UI theme, quests will concisely bring their objectives. Getting into a new setting will notify you about the next goal.

4. Learn About Stasis Mechanics

Do you know that Stasis Mechanics is used to Slow and Freeze enemies; however, mastering these abilities isn’t easy; therefore, you should learn how to use Stasis Mechanics to become dominant.

Getting slow from Stasis abilities can stack up to 10x times before the player freezes; however, it is forced to carry out any abilities while locking enemies in a targeted place for a few seconds. During the game, when the players freeze, they should have waited for a few seconds or selected a weapon to break the shield. Remember that breaking the protection wall won’t damage you or impact your health bar. Furthermore, frozen targets can quickly scatter across the area easily by dealing enough damage to them.

5. Progress Via Activities

Making progress when busy in your favorite activities is possible and considered the best process to pursue. However, the endgame progression can be done using Powerful Gear. Furthermore, Powerful Gears are weekly rewards released from vendors. Besides, you can also obtain Powerful Gear from challenges. Apart from that, players with a cap of Beyond Limit, 1200, may start dropping off Powerful Loot by participating in core activities in Destiny 2.

6. Join A Clan

Playing in a clan may help each member to get powerful loot each week. You don’t need to join clans to be eligible for rewards; however, achieving the weekly clan milestones can help all members to receive loot. It can be done with Hawthorne at the Tower, where players can collect upwards of the powerful gears.

7. Destiny Companion App

The time has gone when you have to spend several minutes to claim bounties from vendors; now, it has become more accessible thanks to the Destiny Champion App. Undoubtedly, it saves a lot of time and players can quickly transfer armor, weapons, and other equipment between characters. The application also checks what quests players have completed or which bounties are available to claim without logging into the game.

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