Israeli Gaming Companies Made How Much In 2021?

According to a recent report from GameIS and Deloitte, Israeli digital gaming companies generated $8.6 billion in revenues last year, an eightfold increase over the last five years. In turn, it has now been revealed that the Israeli gaming industry made up roughly 5% of the global gaming market in 2021.

In this report, which surveyed 200 leading companies in both Israel and other major international markets, it was found that the country’s gaming sector grew by 54% on average each year. Meanwhile, revenues for the market have increased by 760% over the last five years.

Israel has also emerged as a great place for a gaming career based on the report’s findings. In fact, last year, Israel was home to about 190 gaming companies that employed roughly 14,000 people. That represents a 250% increase in the number of employees in the market when compared to 2017. Also, the number of Israeli gaming companies has grown by 11% during this period.

“In this report, we base the size and the importance of the digital gaming sector in Israel as part of the wider hi-tech sector,” said Guy Ben-Dov, Volunteer Chairperson of GameIS. “A strong gaming industry will greatly benefit the State of Israel. In order to enable the industry to grow and fulfill its potential, it’s important that the regulator and the market understand Israel’s unique bottlenecks, which are indicated in the report, and learn from the effective incentives and programs used around the world that have propelled local industries forward in a way that will also generate adequate revenues for the country.”

(All information was provided by CTech)

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