Company Raises $5.5M For AR, VR, And 3D Cloud Authoring Tools

Echo3D recently announced the company closed a $5.5 million funding round. This money will help the company change the way that AR, VR, and 3D content is stored, allowing file sizes to be reduced while cutting down on development times for 3D objects that are found on apps and websites.

Qualcomm Ventures led this round of funding. Remagine Ventures, Konvoy Ventures, and Space Capital also participated in this financing round.

“Echo3D’s 3D-first content management platform is redefining how people create 3D, AR, and VR experiences,” said Merav Weinryb, the managing director of Qualcomm Ventures Israel and Europe, in a statement. “Their solution helps address the unique challenges of 3D by allowing developers and content creators to easily manage and publish 3D content to their apps in minutes. We’re excited to invest in echo3D to support the creation of next-generation content enabled by Snapdragon Spaces technology.”

Echo3D is a New York City-based company that was founded in March of 2018. The organization specializes in tools and infrastructures that help developers create lighter and faster 3D, VR, and AR gaming experiences. This cross-platform solution makes it easy to store, manage, and stream 3D content on several devices.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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