Esports Betting Site Introduces Cash-Out Option

Esports crypto casino Cloudbet has introduced a feature which allows bettors to cash out their bets in play, something which has been scarce in the crypto-betting world, and something that users have been asking for.

Cloudbet says for the moment, a cash-out option will only apple for single bets, not for multiple-bet accumulators or parlays, and not for outright bets. Bettors usually cash-out bets in cases where the bet is on a target to win, but where things aren’t clear enough to let the bet play out. So, say you’re betting on Natus Vincere and they’re leading, but haven’t won yet, you can cash out your bet before the contest is over, however it will be for a lower amount than you’d get if your bet won.

Cash-outs are typically popular in cases where a side has established a lead early on, but spend the rest of the match trying to hold off a comeback. It’s then up to the bettor to decide whether they want to recoup some of the profit despite there still being some time left on the clock, or hold tight and hope their side can stave off the comeback.

With these new cash-out options, Cloudbet is giving their users more chances to play it safe and stay invested, only as long as they feel comfortable doing so. All things considered, it shouldn’t be too long before other crypto casinos follow suit.

(All information was provided by GamingLyfe)

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