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A Look At Antier Solutions, Metaverse Gaming Development Company

The metaverse has evolved from a concept into a reality, and we can thank metaverse development companies like Antier Solutions for helping grow and promote this infinite virtual world. Since building its first PoC on Ethereum in 2016, it now boasts expertise on more than 20 blockchain networks.

“What metaverse is doing here is injecting an immersive experience wherein the player can now walk into the virtual world, and monetize the digital assets such as weapons, character superpowers, etc. to name a few,” said Vikram R. Singh, CEO of Antier Solutions. “Blockchain is essential to build a borderless financial module for peer-to-peer processing. That is integral to attracting massive participation.”

Antier does all of these things: blockchain, gaming, virtual reality, you name it.

The company follows a process for building metaverse games, starting with 3D modeling, texturing of design models, prototyping game engines, rigging and environment setups, and scripting and programming. Antier then integrates DeFi protocols to enable MetaFi, which involves smart contracting, layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain development, and tokenization.

Many companies seemingly lack one or two of these skills, but not Antier, who has managed to streamline the process with ease and finesse. Thankfully companies like Antier are here to help make the metaverse into a beautiful, expansive, (virtual) reality.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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