Error Forcing Fall Guys Users To Auto-Buy Items?

More than 70 million Fall Guys players have reported an error in the game’s store is causing them to buy items they intended to preview. Players typically have to confirm their purchase, but people are reporting that their in-game currency is being taken in exchange for the item without said confirmation from the player. Developer Mediatonic has acknowledged the problem, and claims to be working on it as we speak.

“What is happening in the game is not intended and we are actively fixing it,” reads a statement from Mediatonic. “The customer service response was also not acceptable and we will offer a make good for all affected.”

The customer service response in question refers to Mediatonic’s initial back-and-forth between them and players, which originally had the developer denying all users refunds for the items they purchased.

“This is not a ‘known issue’ because it is not an issue,” read one email to a player from Fall Guys Player Support. “Items cannot be bought automatically by the system, they always require input from the player. Again, whether accidental or not, you made this input and purchased the item.”

This response initially sparked outrage among players who were stunned by the nasty tone of the email. Luckily for Mediatonic, they have responded to said email promptly and apologetically, and are now working to refund all players for the money they never intended on spending in the first place.

(All information was provided by Video Games Chronicle)

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