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Razer Forms Partnership With Cake DeFi

Razer has partnered with Cake DeFi for a rewards swap program which will allow gamers to convert Razer Silver points into Cake DeFi vouchers. This partnership creates a bridge from the Razer loyalty program to the ecosystem of cryptos and DeFi products.   

Through this exciting new program, Razer gamers will be granted exclusive access to Cake DeFi yield-generating services, while the DeFi platform offers up discounts and sign-up rewards to new users. Ten thousand Razer Silver points will give customers a $5 Cake DeFi voucher.

Said vouchers will then be automatically converted at the market value rate in DeFiChain’s native token DFI, which are then allocated to the Cake DeFi staking pool, which pays rewards every 12 hours to DFI stakers.

(All information was provided by Cointelegraph)

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