Indonesian Government Bans Several Games And services

On July 30th, the Indonesian government blocked access to a range of gaming platforms and websites. As a result, incredibly popular services like Steam, Epic Games, PayPal, and Yahoo! were banned in the country after those companies reportedly failed to comply with a recently passed Indonesian licensing law.

According to Reuters, these laws required companies to register their business with the government. This gave authorities in the country the power to make said companies disclose the data of certain users and the ability to take down content deemed unlawful.

Several companies were able to get in their registration on time before the July 29th deadline. This includes Google, Meta, and Amazon.

However, some businesses were not as compliant. According to a senior official working for Indonesia’s Communications Ministry, Yahoo!, PayPal, Steam, Epic Games, and gaming sites, for titles like Dota 2 and CS:GO, were just some of the services banned in the country after failing to comply with the new law.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though for these companies. As of August 2nd, The Verge is reporting that Steam and Yahoo! have been unbanned in the country.

(All information was provided by Reuters and The Verge [1,2])

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