LCK Announces Changes Following Messy Tournament

The July 21st LCK series between T1 and Hanwha Life was an extremely messy event, plagued by bugs and delays. The league eventually resolved the issues with chronobreaks and restarts. When all was said and done, T1 got their second straight win at this event, but despite that, the LCK’s top team still filed a complaint with the league due to the inconsistency of the rulings as to when a game would be remade and when it would not.

LCK then issued new guidelines to prevent this from happening in the future: “As part of the improvement plan, the following measures will be taken today,” read the Twitter post. “There will be a 15-second pause immediately after the start of every game to ensure that the runes set by the player have not been changed once loading in. In the event of a pause, viewers will be informed through a broadcast graphic who executed the pause, for what reason, and the current stage of the resolution process.”

This was done because of T1’s ADC Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong’s runes being reset in game two. Said match was not remade and was the driving force behind T1’s complaint.

(All information was provided by Dexerto and Twitter)

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