Two Indian Esports Organizations Accuse Opponents Of Teaming Up Against Them

Members of S8UL and Godlike Esports have accused opponents of teaming up against them in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Showdown 2022. According to the BGMI rulebook, any form of teaming up or collusion is strictly prohibited and can lead to various disciplinary actions or sanctions from tournament organizers.

Sid “S8ulSid” Joshi, the manager of S8ul Esports went live on Loco just before the grand finals and accused two competing organizations (which he did not name) of teaming up to restrict Team Soul’s entry into the grand finals of the tournament. He claims that they discussed drop points for the second match in the bathroom, and that someone had even recorded those discussions:

“Honestly, it was a blatant team-up in the first match,” said Joshi. “After the first match, both team players went to the bathroom and discussed the plan of trapping us in front of everyone and someone has a recording of it. In the second match of Miramar, both teams teamed up blatantly against us. I would call it the darkest day in BGMI esports history.”

Following these allegations, Godlike’s Suraj Nityanand “Neyoo” Majumdar accused Team Soul and Global Esports of teaming up against his team. He claims the two teams worked on a pre-planned strategy to take down Godlike Esports:

“In match 3 of the BMSD finals, we already knew that Soul was going to target us and contest our drop in the Georgopol City, but why did Global Esports change its drop from Yasnaya Polyana to Hospital?,” said Neyoo on his livestream. “When Shadow finished Omega and Jonathan knocked Hector in the apartment building, GE players arrived on the hospital hill and started firing at us instead of finishing the knocked-out player from Team Soul. One of my friends from the opponent team already informed me through in-game chat about Soul and GE teaming up.”

After the livestream, Neyoo then posted screenshots of in-game chat messages on Instagram, alleging that it was proof of a team-up between Soul and Global Esports.

Krafton, the tournament organizer, is yet to respond to the allegations made on this matter.

(All information was provided by AFK Gaming)

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