Wild Rift Announces Off-Season Tournament

Just because it’s the offseason for Wild Rift, doesn’t mean all hope is lost for its dedicated fans. Wild Rift has now introduced the Wild Circuit 2022, a competition series that takes place from July 18th through October 23rd, held in each of the game’s eight regions.

Riot Games is looking to partner with third-party regional organizers to host these events. Riot has pledged to provide operational and prize pool support to said organizers.

The schedule for Wild Circuit 2022 is as follows:


  • July 21st: Wild Circuit Qualifiers 1
  • August 11th: Wild Circuit Qualifiers 2
  • August 18th: Wild Circuit Qualifiers 3
  • Sept/Oct: Wild Circuit Series 


  • July 29th: Snapdragon Pro Series
  • August 1st: Huya The Legend Cup
  • August 2nd: Douyu Wild Rift Master Series
  • August 19th: Weibo Cup

Latin America

  • August: Movistar Super Series: Wild Rift
  • August: Movistar Stars Cup
  • August: ESL Play Americas
  • August: The Thunder Rift
  • August: Leyendas Salvajes Wild Rift
  • September: Wild Rift Mayor League 

North America

  • July 29: Wild Circuit Series – North America
  • September 23: Rift MSTRS Wild Rift

Southeast Asia/Korea/Japan

  • Sept/Oct: Wild Circuit Asia Invitational 2022

(All information was provided by GamingonPhone)

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