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AO Labs Raises $4.5M From Token Sale

AO Labs raised $4.5 million through a token sale for its community-drive Web3 gaming platform, Spacebar. The round was led by Yield Guild Games, with participation from 70 other investors.

“I think gaming will probably be the piece that actually engages all these different building blocks across crypto,” said Christy Choi, Co-Founder of AO Labs. “That is why I am extremely bullish about building this game because it could be the gateway to drive mass adoption. It’s not just because the game is fun. It is because while playing the game, you will interact with all the different tools being built in this space. We will act as a point of interaction for all these people in crypto.”

Besides being the platform name, Spacebar is also a space-themed casual game that integrates Web3 tools, including decentralized identification systems, decentralized finance, NFTs, and game guilds. AO Labs has yet to confirm what kind of blockchain technology it will use.

The game is set to launch in the coming months, but a specific date has yet to be announced.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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