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Esports Pro Rejects $400K Gambling Streaming Deal

Professional Apex Legends player and content creator Mande, recently opened up about being courted by a gambling company. While other streamers like Trainwreck, Xpozed, and xQc, have taken the bait, Mande held his ground and turned down the deal flat.

Mande spoke about how an unnamed company reached out to him with an offer for a $300,000 to $400,000 six months deal and a four-hour workweek. Additionally, he said the company would pay him a flat rate of $15,000 along with $6,000 to spend on gambling any way he chose.

Mande didn’t go into too much detail explaining why he turned down the deal, saying only that it was a tough decision, but one that he was very happy with.

Gambling has become quite the hot topic on streaming sites where content creators are pitching promo codes and gambling success stories, encouraging kids as young as 16 to go try their hand at Stake, an online crypto betting platform.

We’re now hearing horror-stories of people going bankrupt via online crypto gambling, which has leading companies like Twitch recently confirming that the company is in the middle of “a deep dive look” into gambling on the platform. This could mean big changes are coming, but for many it’s way too late and the damage has already been done.

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