World Archery Forms Partnership With Refract Technologies

Singapore-based tech company Refract Technologies has entered into a multi-year partnership with World Archery to develop and promote a virtual archery game. Both companies are already planning a high-profile esports event for the upcoming mobile game, with Refract becoming the official and exclusive esports platform of World Archery through 2024.

“World Archery has been exceptionally lucky to find a partner in Refract that is not only passionate about esports but about our sport, too,” said Tom Dielen, Secretary General of World Archery. “We’re really excited to be working together on this new virtual chapter for archery. We can’t wait for archers, archery fans and gamers to start playing. And we’re really looking forward to talking more about the plans we have for the esport of archery.”

As of this writing, the game does not yet have a title or release date, but both are expected to be announced shortly.

(All information was provided by World Archery)

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