Team iNSANE Announces Talent Management Partnership

Team iNSANE, one of the most famous gaming organizations in India, recently announced it had joined forces with Numen Esports and Gaming for talent management services. This comes a little over a month after Numen partnered with GodLike Esports, another powerhouse in the Indian gaming space.

“We are looking forward to working with and representing Team iNSANE Esports,” said Manoj George, the Co-Founder of Numen Esports and Gaming. “The vision and focus on innovation and  creativity, combined with a roster full of talented gamers, makes it an exciting esports brand for us to collaborate with.” 

Numen was founded as an esports agency by Manoj George, Sachin Parkale, and Kaustubh Purohit. The organization works with creators in the Indian gaming industry to create more career paths and opportunities for gamers and gaming fans. The company has a large offering including talent management and brand partnership services.

(All information was provided by Adgully and SportsMint Media [1,2])

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