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GameSwift And Polygon Want To Reinvent Crypto Gaming

On August 23rd, GameSwift announced it had agreed to a partnership with Polygon. As a result, the two sides will work together to launch a decentralized version of Steam based on a chain that was built using Polygon Edge technology.

The idea is to create a gaming ecosystem that encourages the mass adoption of Web3 games. Through this partnership, GameSwift will begin setting up a platform that serves as a one-stop shop for individuals interested in joining the Web3 space.

“Many former Terra developers have turned to alternative technologies. One of them was Polygon (MATIC) – a project valued at over $7 billion, creating a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, focusing primarily on scalability. We went a step further and decided to set up, in cooperation with Polygon, our own chain explicitly dedicated to gaming. It is a solution that will also maximize the usability of our token, which, as the primary transaction token, will benefit from the growing number of games and their users,” said Wojciech Gruszka, the Chief Executive Officer of GameSwift. “Choosing Polygon for GameSwift also means low transaction costs, ease of implementation compared to other available technologies, and access to the disruptive technological solutions offered by Polygon.”

As part of this partnership, Polygon provided GameSwift with a financial grant that will be used to make the ecosystem “the first choice for all Web3 gaming protocols on the Polygon blockchain.” Later this year, GameSwift will implement a new tool into its ecosystem that allows users to log into various games and apps using only one account.

(All information was provided by Bitcoinist, Cointelegraph, and GlobeNewswire)

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