Secretlab Rolls Out New Fortnite-Themed Gaming Chair

Gaming chair manufacturer Secretlab is teaming up with Fortnite to launch a brand new product. Starting on September 6th, Secretlab began selling a Fortnite Battle Bus Edition of its Titan Evo 2022 gaming chair.

The gaming chair features many patterns and icons associated with Fortnite. And, Windows Central gave the product “an excellent score” even though it is “the same as the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022” chair according to Sean Endicott.

“The Fortnite chair is enjoyable to sit in and good for people who want to talk to house guests about it being a Fortnite chair,” writes Kotaku‘s Ashley Bardhan. “Be aware that making the chair a good match will depend on whether or not you get a size that reflects your needs, that the chair’s quality might not be exactly what you want for the price, and that its Fortnite theme is literally skin-deep. It’s a chair first, Fortnite experience second.”

Since the chair was released recently, it still has a pretty hefty price tag. You can order this product on the Secretlab website now for $624.

(All information was provided by Google, Kotaku, and Windows Central)

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