Splatoon 3 Is Off To A Record-Breaking Start

The third installment in the third-person shooter franchise recently hit stores on September 9th. And, based on statistics from Game Data Library, Splatoon 3 is apparently having one of the most successful video game launches of all time in Japan.

According to data from Nintendo, Splatoon 3 has already sold over 3.45 million physical and digital copies of the game in Japan since its release. This has made it the biggest video game launch in Japanese history for the Nintendo Switch. To give you some context, in Japan, Splatoon 3 outsold Animal Crossing: New Horizons by almost 600,000 units.

The Success of Splatoon 3 shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, Famitsu reports that Splatoon 2 was the fifth-best-selling Switch game overall in Japan as of March 2022. However, as Video Games Chronicle puts it, with a little over 4 million copies of Splatoon 2 sold as of that month, “it’s likely” that Splatoon 3 will be able to overtake its predecessor in “just a few weeks.”

Only time will tell how successful this game ends up being commercially. But, if Japan is any indication of things to come, then Splatoon 3 will likely be a hit.

(All information was provided by Video Games Chronicle and Wikipedia [1,2])

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