Important Streamer Accused Of Covering Sexual Assault

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo has been suspended from One True King, the content creation and lifestyle organization he co-founded in 2020. This comes after he was accused of “downplaying and covering up” assault allegations against one of his roommates and fellow OTK team member CrazySlick.

In June 2021, AdrianahLee released a post on TwitLonger that provided details of a troubling experience she claimed she had with CrazySlick during a birthday party in 2020. AdrianahLee alleged that a drunk CrazySlick followed her around the party and tried to kiss her and touch her “neck and chest” multiple times in a reported attempt to check her pulse after she passed out. While AdrianahLee clarified that CrazySlick did not “rape or assault” her, the content creator did explain that his actions made her “feel uncomfortable.” Eventually, CrazySlick posted an apology online and the topic was dropped.

Now, AdrianahLee has taken to social media to provide more information on the situation, explaining that the original post was a “diluted version of the story that was proofread” by streamers like Maya and Mizkif. AdrianahLee is claiming that Maya and Mizkif pressured her into saying something on the issue ASAP so that CrazySlick wouldn’t be kicked out of the streamer house they were living in. Now, AdrianahLee is saying that, by making her speak prematurely and pre-approving her social media posts, Maya and Mizkif worked to downplay the accusations against CrazySlick.

These accusations recently resurfaced after big-name streamers made statements against Twitch’s “rampant gambling issues.” While responding to a tweet from Asmongold, Trainwreck went after Mizkif, stating that he “didn’t assault the women, he orchestrated the cover-ups for his friends,” and that he worked to “cover up all those sexual assault” allegations against CrazySlick.

Following these accusations from Trainwreck, Mizkif was officially suspended from OTK. The organization also said that it was looking to contact an outside law firm to investigate Mizkif’s behaviors.

At this time, Mizkif has released a TwitLonger post explaining that CrazySlick has “been told to vacate the house as soon as possible.” Additionally, Mizkif clarified that CrazySlick did in fact sexually assault AdrianahLee.

(All information was provided by Kotaku, Sports Video Group, TheGamer, and Wikipedia)

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