There’s A New League Of Legends President

League of Legends has a new President. And, it’s not some gaming industry big-wig… it’s Lil Nas X.

Recently, Riot Games sent out a press release announcing the two-time Grammy award winner had been given the honorary title of President of League of Legends. In this role, the famous musician will be responsible for making “explosive musical moments” for League of Legends. On top of that, he will also do a live musical performance for LoL fans while introducing a brand new skin to the hit multiplayer game.

Lil Nas X will be taking on his new responsibilities once the 2022 League of Legends World Championships begins with the play-in round on September 29th. At that time, he will give his first live performance of Star Walkin, the official 2022 Worlds anthem. If you can’t wait for the 29th, don’t worry. The song will be released worldwide on September 23rd.

On November 3rd, just two days before a new LoL world champion is crowned, Lil Nas X’s new prestige skin will be introduced in the game. That skin will only be available until November 14th.

“I’ve left my mark on pop culture in so many ways, and now it’s time to take on the world of gaming,” Lil Nas X said.

Even though it’s an honorary title, it’s still good to see musicians creating deeper connections in the gaming space.

(All information was provided by Kotaku, LoL Esports, and Variety)

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