An Elden Ring Board Game Is In The Works

Less than a year after its release, Elden Ring is getting its first major adaptation. However, this will not be a port for a major video game console. Rather, it sounds like an Elden Ring board game will be coming our way very soon.

According to the Kickstarter website, a fundraising campaign for the board game will be launched soon. This project is currently being led by Steamforged Games Ltd., the company responsible for the Dark Souls franchise.

Unlike other tabletop games, the Elden Ring board game will be abandoning the use of dice in combat. Instead, the dice-free combat will require players to “strategize and adapt their plans during each encounter.”

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time Dark Souls has been introduced into the tabletop gaming space. Back in 2016, Steamforged Games raised over $4 million for a Dark Souls board game.

(All information was provided by Kickstarter and Kotaku [1,2])

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