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VALORANT Skin Bundle Nets $32M

Riot Games recently took to Twitter to announce the financial results from the company’s VALORANT Champions skin bundle that was released on August 23rd. According to Riot, the organization was able to raise $32 million alone from this offering. 50% of these proceeds went directly to participating VCT teams, which means they just received an influx of $16 million.

According to Dexerto, the esports orgs that participated in VCT 2022 had to distribute this money to the events themselves. This meant that each player from every team was eligible to receive a different share of the funds.

This is not the first time Riot has made a killing off skin bundles. Last year, the company raised $15 million on the 2021 VCT skin bundle.

The Profit‘s Take:

This is a huge success for Riot. Dota and The International do this exact thing, which explains why the prize pool for TI is so big. This isn’t new. However, I continue to be surprised by the engagement with VALORANT. Anecdotally, it feels like the game isn’t nearly as hyped as the numbers suggest. Selling digital goods like this seems to be a great way to funnel revenues to teams that participate in these leagues. In turn, this makes the whole esports ecosystem more sustainable.

(All information was provided by Dexerto and GINX Esports TV)

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