MrBeast Believes India Is The Future

Since launching his YouTube career, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has emerged as one of the most recognizable content creators on the planet. While discussing his roaring success on an episode of the FULL SEND PODCAST, MrBeast revealed that his second biggest fanbase after America is India.

“Our Indian audience is just absurd. So, it’s like, our audience is America, then India, and then, I think UK, Canada, then, like, what is it? The Philippines, right? Something like that,” Donaldson said. “YouTube gets more views per month from India than they do in America. Like, India is YouTube’s largest audience.”

That wasn’t the only positive thing MrBeast had to say about the world’s second most populous country. He believes that India is the future of content consumption. He also said that Indian middle-class girls would become a “juggernaut” audience as more and more people in the country gain access to the Internet.

“That’s the future, like 100%,” he said. “In India, you definitely need to build a fan base over there because more and more of them will come online, and their middle-class girls, like, they’re going to become a juggernaut.”

(All information was provided by AFK Gaming, IGN, and World Population Review)

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