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Sony Is Looking To Move Further Into Esports

It sounds like Sony is trying to make a stronger presence in the esports scene. This comes on the heels of the company’s acquisition of, an esports tournament platform for PC gamers where users “get paid to play.”

Sony is relatively new to the world of competitive esports. Previously, the organization attempted to host PlayStation-exclusive events, but “poor demand” has forced Sony to broaden “its approach by buying up PC gaming events” as ChannelNews‘ David Richards puts it.

“Desperate to hold onto console gaming customers Sony is now going after PC gaming fans as sales of consoles are swamped by gamers switching to PC gaming,” he wrote. “Over the past two years, the Japanese electronics and entertainment group has made a push into esports in an effort to get PC gamers to buy Sony games.”

Sony has been working tirelessly to improve its esports presence. Last March, the company joined forces with another U.S. partner to purchase EVO, the world-famous fighting game platform.

The esports scene is only going to grow over the next few years. Kadokawa ASCII Research Laboratories reported that 465 million people watched esports in 2021. According to the data company, that number will grow to over 577 million people by 2024.

The Profit‘s Take:

Sony is basically trying to acquire more esports events as a way to encourage people to purchase more Sony games. Consoles are getting squeezed because of the rise of mobile games at the low end and the continued dominance of PCs at the high end. Maybe the Activision-Blizzard acquisition is such a threat that Sony now feels it needs to do more on the PC side of things. I feel good about this. I’ve heard people say PC gaming is dead so many times. Yet, the biggest console producer in the world is now pivoting to PC gaming. Sony is the kind of company that could help support the PC gaming ecosystem long-term. With Sony and Microsoft leading the charge, PCs will remain the dominant high-end gaming platform for a very long time.

(All information was provided by ChannelNews)

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