How Jay Park Is Helping This Esports Organization Improve Its Musical Presence

On October 5th, Gen.G Esports officially introduced producer, singer, and songwriter Jay Park as the company’s Executive Music and Entertainment Advisor. To coincide with this announcement, Park helped create Rollin, a new song that served as the entrance theme for Gen.G as they take part in the 2022 League of Legends World Championship.

Rollin made its global debut on October 6th. The song tells the story of how Gen.G’s 2022 LoL roster came together with the goal of winning this year’s World Championship. Some of the artists featured in the song include Mirani and GEMINI. This piece of music also signified the introduction of Gen.G’s recently released Worlds jerseys, which were designed by Heron Preston.

“Practically every young artist I’ve worked with has mentioned how into gaming they are, so this is very exciting to be working with Gen.G to give incredible artists like GEMINI and Mirani to the global gaming audience,” Park said. “This year, being officially new to Gen.G, I wanted to make ‘Rollin‘ to pay tribute to an incredible LCK championship run for Gen.G and show my support for them as they try to make history at Worlds.”

This is not the first time that Park has worked with Gen.G on an original piece of music. Last year, he helped release ALL IN, a song that celebrated Gen.G’s LoL team competing in the LCK.

Jay Park is a Korean-American musician that was born in 1987. Since launching his musical career in 2003, he has released five albums while also appearing in several hit TV shows like Asia’s Got Talent.

(All information was provided by Dot Esports [1,2], Google, PR Newswire, and Wikipedia)

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