Moroccan Gamers Spend Considerable Money On Microtransactions

Based on a report conducted by the research firm Sunergia, Moroccan gamers spend roughly $18.41 each month on microtransactions. Video games in Morocco: an industry worth billions of dirhams? shows that spending on microtransactions varies wildly across several different demographics.

The difference in spending between men and women was quite noticeable. Men spent $24.67 on microtransactions each month. However, women only spent $2.21 on microtransactions monthly.

Age also plays a factor in this report. The study showed that people between the ages of 25 and 34 spent $28.90 on microtransactions. That number fell to $20.43 amongst people ages 35 to 44.

The survey also revealed that Moroccans are big fans of video games. In fact, almost 25% of responders said they play video games regularly. That number jumps up to about 47% amongst responders between the ages of 15 and 24.

(All information was provided by Morocco World News)

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