How Netflix’s New Ad-Supported Service Change Will Impact Gaming

On October 13th, Netflix announced it would be introducing a new, basic subscription plan with ads that costs $6.99 a month. This new subscription tier will allow users to enjoy the content they love at a lower price while only being shown an “average of four to five minutes of ads per hour.”

Despite this new service plan’s ad support, it doesn’t appear that this will have an impact on Netflix’s gaming endeavors. The organization confirmed that these ads will not be a part of Netflix Games. Moreover, Netflix’s gaming portfolio will be available with the “Basic with ads” package.

“In short, Basic with Ads is everything people love about Netflix, at a lower price, with a few ads in-between. Starting in November, signing up will be easy — visit, and register with your email, date of birth, and gender to get started,” reads a blog post from the company. “Basic with Ads also represents an exciting opportunity for advertisers — the chance to reach a diverse audience, including younger viewers who increasingly don’t watch linear TV, in a premium environment with a seamless, high-resolution ads experience.”

The new Netflix plan will be available on November 3rd. This service will be available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, the UK, and the United States. 

(All information was provided by Game Developer, Netflix, and Pocket

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