More College Esports Events Held In California

On October 27th, the casual college gaming platform Brag House provided an update on its plans to bring competitive, non-professional college esports events to Southern California. This all comes as part of the company’s partnership with both Coca-Cola and McDonald’s of Southern California.

Up first, Brag House, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s hosted a FIFA 23 exhibition tournament on November 5th. This series saw participants from local colleges compete for prizes ranging between $50 and $100. There was also a raffle for spectators that included prizes like an Xbox Series S bundle, McDonald’s Arch Cards, and other types of merchandise.

After that, the three companies hosted the SoCal FIFA 23 Tournament which was open to 64 gamers from 16 southern California colleges. This six-day-long event began on November 8th and ran through November 13th, when the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals were held. The entire tournament was streamed on the Brag House app, Twitch, and YouTube.

“Bringing college esports at this level to LA is something we can’t wait for,” exclaimed Lavell Juan, Brag House’s CEO. “McDonald’s of Southern California and Coca-Cola have backed us to deliver a tournament that will give student gamers the opportunity to compete on the biggest stage.”

(All information was provided by Business Wire)

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