A Pair Of Take-Two Titles Just Hit Impressive Milestones

Congratulations to Take-Two Interactive! During a recent earnings call, the company revealed the sales numbers for two of the organization’s most beloved series.

Up first was Red Dead Redemption. That franchise recently surpassed the 70 million unit sales mark. Since the company’s last earnings call, Take-Two has sold an additional 2 million Red Dead games.

Take-Two also provided the sales numbers for the Grand Theft Auto series. To date, GTA has sold over 385 million units. GTA V accounts for 170 million units.

Even though these are incredibly impressive achievements, Take-Two has a long way to go before it can claim ownership of the most successful video game franchise of all time. That honor currently belongs to Nintendo, which has sold over 760 million Mario games since 1981.

(All information was provided by IGN, TweakTown, and Wikipedia [1,2])

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