What Happened At The WePlay Academy League Season Six

The WePlay Academy League Season Six featured the top young CS:GO talent in the world and had a $100,000 prize pool. Find out who won this incredible tournament.

Who Won the WePlay Academy League Season Six?

The WePlay Academy League Season Six ran from the 12th of October to the 20th of November and featured a massive $100,000 prize pool. The tournament was contested by 14 world-class academy teams. We got to see the players of tomorrow on display as all of the matches were streamed live at In this article, we will explore which team won and which players performed the best!

What Teams Competed at the WePlay Academy League Season Six?

The WePlay Academy League Season Six featured 14 different teams from Europe, including:

  • Young Ninjas
  • Team Spirit Academy
  • Natus Vincere Junior
  • OG Academy
  • 00 Prospects
  • Astralis Talent
  • Fnatic Rising
  • FURIA Academy
  • BIG Academy
  • Apeks Rebels
  • ENCE Academy
  • Flames Ascent
  • MIBR Academy

All of the very best European CS:GO pro teams sent their junior and academy players to this event. This ensured that the matches were highly competitive and filled with action.

Who Were the Pre-Tournament Favorites?

Coming into the WePlay Academy League Season Six, the strongest squads for OG Academy are Young Ninjas and Natus Vincere Junior. All of these teams have world-class senior CS:GO squads and know how to transform talented youngsters into top-level professionals.

Some other teams that had the potential to win the tournament included Fnatic Rising and Team Spirit Academy. These teams didn’t have that much big match experience, but they had the talent to challenge any squad in the event.

What Happened in the WePlay Academy League Season Six Group Stage?

The 14 teams were divided into two different groups, each with seven teams. The matches in Group A were tightly contested. Flames Ascent came last in their group but they managed to win four out of 12 games. The best team in Group A was Natus Vincere Junior who won eight games and only lost four games. However, despite being the top team in the group Natus Vincere still struggled with Apeks Rebel and OG Academy.

Other teams who performed well in Group A include MOUZ NXT, Fnatic Rising, and OG Academy. All of these teams won seven games and lost five games. The squads were all closely matched and nearly every game was tightly contested.

In Group B things were a little different. There was a much bigger separation between the top teams. The best team in Group B was Spirit Academy who won nine games and only lost three matches. Spirit Academy played a fundamentally strong style and used their overwhelming aggression to punish their weaker opponents.

The next two top teams in Group B were Young Ninjas and Astralis Talent who recorded strong 8-4 records. The top four teams from Group A and B moved on to the playoff stage where there was $100,000 up for grabs.

What Happened in the Play-In Round?

The Play-In round featured the teams that came second, third, and fourth during the group stage. These teams were battling for an upper-bracket playoff spot. In the first match, OG Academy was too strong for Astralis Talent and managed to win 2-1. In the other opening match, 00 Prospects took down Fnatic Rising 2-0.

In the next round, MOUZ NXT beat up OG Academy and kicked them out of the tournament with a 2-1 victory. With their win, MOUZ NXT moved on to the playoff round. In the final Play-In round game, Young Ninjas completely destroyed 00 Prospects 2-0. Young Ninjas looked like the team to beat after their strong performance.

Were the WePlay Academy League Season Six Playoffs Exciting?

Young Ninjas kept up their strong form by crushing Natus Vincere Junior 2-0. This was a significant upset as Natus Vincere Junior was a strong pre-tournament favorite. Natus Vincere Junior was sent immediately to the lower bracket and still had a chance to make it to the grand final if they won their remaining matches.

In the next upper bracket semi-final match Spirit Academy continued to improve with each match. This time they had a tight battle with MOUZ NXT and ended up winning 2-1. This set up a lower bracket playoff match between MOUZ NXT and an upper bracket final between Young Ninjas and Spirit Academy.

Natus Vincere Junior managed to bounce back from their loss and showed their class against MOUZ NXT. The Ukrainian team took the series 2-1. In the upper bracket final, Spirit Academy was simply on fire and completely crushed Young Ninjas 2-0. In the lower bracket final, NaVi Junior’s run came to an end after they went down 0-2 to Young Ninjas.

Who Won the WePlay Academy League Season Six?

After an electrifying playoff series, the stage was set for a grand final between Team Spirit Academy and Young Ninjas. Spirit Academy were the favorites going into the match as they had already beaten Young Ninjas 2-0 during the playoff stage.

Unfortunately for Team Spirit Academy, it just fell at the last hurdle. Young Ninjas had come up with a new game plan and looked like a completely new team. They played a highly aggressive game and were able to punish Spirit Academy every time they made a mistake.

Young Ninjas successfully avenged their earlier defeat and won 2-1. Their first-place position earned the squad $45,000 in cash while Spirit Academy walked away with $20,000.

Final Thoughts

The best players at the WePlay Academy League Season Six were Erik “ztr” Gustafsson who led Young Ninjas to victory and Mykhailo “OWNER” Lymar who was the best player on Spirit Academy and was a big reason they ended up coming second. The WePlay Academy League Season Six was an amazing event that gave everybody a glimpse at the next CS:GO superstars! Stay tuned for the next CS:GO event streamed live at GGBET and win big!

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