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Did China Solve The Country’s Gaming Addiction Issues?

It sounds like video game addictions are no longer a problem in China. This comes after a report, that was co-written by the nation’s top gaming industry association, said that the country had resolved its gaming addiction issue amongst younger citizens.

This report came from the China Game Industry Group Committee, an organization affiliated with the online game publishing regulator known as the China Game Industry Research Institute. Additional help came from the data provider CNG.

In this report, CNG found that over 75% of youth gamers have committed to playing video games for less than three hours a week. Moreover, the report “praised” Chinese gaming companies for achieving “remarkable results.”

In September 2021, Chinese regulators introduced new rules for gamers in the country under the age of 18. These laws prohibited minors from playing more than three hours of video games weekly after officials equated video game addictions to “spiritual opium.”

The Profit‘s Take:

There is SO MUCH inconsistency in this country when it comes to video games. Why would they suddenly decide to make this change? Maybe they’re trying to curry favor with the country’s youth, or avoid future political unrest. In all likelihood though, China probably saw the numbers from the last year, realized they made a mistake, and is now trying to reverse course. Either way, this is the kind of business environment that you want to avoid at all costs.

(All information was provided by PC Gamer and Reuters)

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