Release Window Pushed Back For EA Sports’ College Football Game

EA Sports’ college football video game is being delayed. After originally targeting a release date of July 2023, it is now being reported that the launch of EA Sports College Football has been pushed back to July 2024.

In an interview with ESPN, Daryl Holt (EA Sports’ vice president) told the organization that the title was pushed back a year because it takes a lot of effort to create a game from scratch. Additionally, Holt said EA doesn’t want to rush the game to market.

“That’s the best date for us to bring the game that we think is going to meet or exceed our player expectations,” Holt said. “And, cover the breadth and scale of what we want in the game. We’re trying to build a very immersive college football experience.”

The excitement around this game will only continue to build over the next 12+ months. After all, EA Sports has not released a college football video game since July 9th, 2013. Whenever EA Sports College Football comes out, it will mark the first time in over a decade that EA will bring a college football video game to market.

(All information was provided by ESPN, Polygon, Wikipedia, and Yahoo! Sports)

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